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Pudge's was started 50 years ago and was first located across from LaSalle University. The restaurant has 2 locations and Blue Bell for over 50 years.

The name "Pudge" came from the original owner, Frank Carbone, who was nicknamed as a child after the dog in the Betty Boop comic strip

Pudge's uses only the best meats. We cook our own roast beef and pork, and we make our own meatballs.

Our lunch meats are Dietz & Watson premium grade. For years Pudge's used Altieri & sons steak.

Then in 2007 we were blown away by a new company Levan Brothers. It was an instant success as Pudge's won the coveted "Best of Philly" award for cheesesteaks.

After Pudge's death in 2000, the shop was taken over by his daughter. Pudge's has won numerous awards over the years.

'Best of Philly' award winner, and this year was named 'Best Cheesesteak in Montgomery County'. Numerous celebrities visit Pudge's and consider us their favorite cheesesteak.